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The Problem

Stress seems to be an ever increasing problem these days.
More and more people are seeking help for sleeping issues, anxiety, lack of focus and a huge range of physical symptoms.
Solving this problem can be difficult as no two people react to stress in the same way – one persons “stressful” situation is another persons “adrenaline rush”.

This is compounded by the fact that the vast majority of the population simply don’t know how to relax and regain control over their physical and emotional states.

One Solution

The Relax, Change, Create workshop is an experiential, enjoyable  introduction to relaxation, mindfulness and coping skills.

The techniques guide people down into relaxation, helping them regain control over stress symptoms,
Participants are taught that the techniques can be used whenever & wherever they are needed.

An important part of the training is learning that using the techniques on a daily basis works incredibly well as a “preventative” strategy.

About Me

I’ve been teaching relaxation, mindfulness & coping skills to individuals and groups since 1995. I have deep training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & Stress Management techniques.

I’m passionate about helping people understand, learn and integrate these amazing tools into their daily life, helping them relax, change and create.

As well as group workshops, I have a range of apps and MP3s helping deal with stress, insomnia, anxiety etc.
With 11+ million downloads to date, these are some of the most popular relaxation and meditation recordings available today.

Previous Clients


Andrew is a hypnotherapy expert, recognized by The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from The London College of Clinical Hypnosis.


Andrew also has training in Stress Management, Coping Skills, Meditation, Mindfulness and the Emotional Freedom Techniques.


Andrew’s work has impacted the lives of many; he is the creator of the ‘with Andrew Johnson’ MP3 & App range with 11 million downloads to date (Dec 2016).


Recordings Include:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress Management
  • Habit Breaking
  • Deep Sleep
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Recordings

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