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Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation

In this article, Andrew Johnson, the voice on the Relax Change Create Meditation app, answers common questions he has been asked again and again over his 26 years of experience as a Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

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There are many misconceptions about meditation and how one should do it. Especially when people first start their meditation journey, there can be a lot of confusion. In this article, we will explore the most common questions about meditation. Andrew Johnson has over 26 years of experience as a meditation and mindfulness teacher. His guided meditations have been streamed and downloaded over 20 million times across the globe.

He shares his answers on some of the frequently asked questions about meditation:

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that is just as relevant today as it was centuries ago - if not more. There are many types of meditation including, dynamic movement meditations and meditations with the aim to still the body and the mind. I teach the latter on the Relax Change Create Meditation app and within that category there are many different focus points we can apply during a guided meditation. To achieve stillness in the body, a comfortable seat is usually a prerequisite for a successful meditation practice. When the body is still, we work on calming the mind by giving it something to focus on. This can be anything from the breath and full body scans, but also visualisations, memory recall and many more.

To me personally, meditation is a constant in my life. It keeps me balanced and in touch with my creativity, my inner guidance and it gives me the space I need to stop reacting negatively to external circumstances that are outwith my control. I can’t imagine life without it..

How do I know if I am doing it “right”?

If you follow simple instructions, integrate them into your practice, don’t try too hard and realise that it’s a journey and not a destination, then you can’t do it “wrong”. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, be gentle with it and build a daily habit.

"Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity." – Ram Dass

How does it feel to reach the meditative state of “bliss"?

This is a state that can happen when you “allow and let go” of expectations. It can be fleeting and you will know afterwards when you have experienced something special. The secret is then not to chase it. It’ll happen when the time is right.

How often should I meditate?

I would suggest creating a daily habit of 10 minutes and seeing how that feels after a week or so. You can then modify timing, location, position etc and test. When you establish a regular meditation practice, you will feel the benefits in all areas of your life and when that happens, you will look forward to your meditation rather than thinking of it as a 'task' to tick off your to do list.

What is the best location and posture to meditate in?

The best location is the location you have. As long as you do your best to remain undisturbed and make sure you are comfortable. You can sit or lie down as long as you are comfortable, but there is a chance with lying down that you may fall asleep.

What are the benefits of meditation?

There are so many benefits, but I think these are most important:

  • Connecting with your inner self and recognising your patterns

  • Relief from overactive mind and thoughts

  • Better inner health, especially in the lungs and heart

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Better creativity and positivity

  • Better sleep patterns

Embark on your Meditation Journey today

When you first start out, guided meditations are a wonderful way to learn and get into the practice. The Relax Change Create Meditation app is packed with over 400 guided meditations to help you get started. Download the app for free and enjoy 3 Taster Recordings for you to see if my voice and my meditation style resonates with you.


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