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R E S E T Challenge

30 days to relax, re-focus and re-connect 

starts 1st August 2022

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Presented by Andrew Johnson, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach

Teaching Meditations with a Purpose, Andrew works with a variety of simple, safe and easy to learn techniques. These are suitable for everyone, even people who have never tried meditation before. Breath work will relax the body and a number of visualisations will calm the mind and help you to completely RESET.

In this 30 day challenge you will

be in
the moment

financial worries

create loving connections with others

stress & anxiety

quieten the
inner critic

sleep better &
wake up positive

find your work-life-balance

energise and get creative

practice gratitude


Rising cost of living has many of us in a state of constant stress and anxiety.


We often wake up in the morning thinking of our to do list for the day. 

We might go to work or work from home, both lead to different kinds of stress and an overactive mind. If we don’t have work, financial worries can often occupy most of our mind space.


When we are in a state of constant worry and stress, our relationships can suffer too! Stress overrides feelings of empathy and compassion, making loving, deep connections almost impossible. 


How can we make it through these difficult times and reconnect with our Selves? How can we recalibrate and find presence, balance and peace of mind?


How can we use the power of the mind in order to help us move forward? Re-connect with creativity and not only dissolve financial worries, but set goals for ourselves and start attracting more abundance towards us?


In this course, you’ll get a daily meditation of around 10 minutes right into your inbox that will set you up with all the tools you need!


Think of it as a master rest button. From basic mindfulness techniques for relaxation, stress relief and release of tension, we will learn and practice techniques to set us up for success.


And success does not only mean to be in a better state of mind about our finances. It is all about connecting again with our true Self. Feeling compassion and love for ourselves. It is the foundation that will allow us to be empathetic with others and build deeper, more loving connections.


Finding balance between work and life, focus on the things we can change and control. Make space for more happiness and joy in our daily living.


I hope you will join me on this journey starting 1st August 2022.

Press the reset button with me.

Register by 3rd August to secure your spot.

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