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The Benefits of Using a Meditation App

Here's what you need to know.

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You’ve likely heard about the many incredible benefits of meditation, from reduced stress and anxiety to improved self-awareness and focus. Maybe you’ve even tried to meditate, but couldn’t shake questions like: Am I doing this right? How long should I continue for? What should I be feeling?

Enter meditation apps—technology-based guides that give people the opportunity to meditate with the support of an expert via audio.

So, how do meditation apps work and what benefits do they offer? We’ll be answering those questions and more in this article. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a meditation app and how does it work?

A meditation app is a program that can be easily installed on a smartphone or tablet. After downloading the app and signing in, you can select a guided meditation, which is pre-recorded by a meditation expert. A guide may help you drum up specific mental imagery, walk you through breathing- or body-based exercises, or share an inspirational or soothing story.

What are the benefits of meditation apps?

Why would someone choose to use a meditation app? There are several reasons.

1. Teaches novices the basics

When learning a new skill, having an experienced person teach you what to do (and explain the importance of what you’re doing) is essential. The guided meditations found on meditation apps are recorded by experts who know the ins and outs of meditation and are skilled in teaching others how to master this practice.

Through guided meditations, you’ll learn basics like how to breathe properly, how to approach your wandering mind, and what to do when you feel restless.

2. Removes a lot of mental legwork

The premise of meditation is simple, but with life being so hectic and distracting, it can be a particularly challenging task to master. Meditation apps help you stay focused on the meditation because you’re following someone’s voice and guidance. You don’t have to think about things like duration and which techniques to apply. All you have to do is listen to the expert’s voice and do as they instruct.

Guided meditations usually have some periods of silence, but unlike unguided (or silent) meditations, they have cues, such as music, a person’s voice, or the sound of a bell, to remind you to refocus.

3. Introduces you to new techniques

Meditation apps can help you learn and master new meditation skills and techniques that you might not be familiar with. This not only allows you to experience more benefits, but also expands your meditation toolbox for when you want to practice on your own.

4. Makes the process more interesting

Unguided meditation is done without any external tools. This approach allows you to customise your sessions to your liking, however, some people find silence a bit tedious or uninspiring. As anyone knows, when things feel tedious, you’re less likely to want to do them.

Meditation apps provide guidance that can make the process more interesting and appealing. Listening to someone’s voice can help you feel more engaged, excited, and supported, which may lead to better results and adherence.

5. Offers support wherever you are

One of the best features of meditation apps is that they live on your mobile phone—and if you’re like most people, your phone goes everywhere with you. This means that you have access to relaxing meditations wherever you are, whether at work or on vacation.

The bottom line on meditation apps

People meditate for many reasons: to soothe anxiety, cope with life events, wind down for sleep—the list goes on and on. If you’re new to the practice or feel that you need some extra support and motivation, using a meditation app like Andrew Johnson’s Relax Change Create app is an excellent option.

Andrew Johnson is a meditation and mindfulness teacher with over 26 years of experience guiding people into deep relaxation and meditation. With a background in hypnotherapy, most meditations available on the Relax Change Create app are “meditations with a purpose” that aim to support people in achieving specific goals.

Available for iOS and Android, this app offers over 400 guided meditations to help you sleep better, create abundance, feel positive, set goals, build confidence, overcome anxiety, and so much more.

Begin your meditation journey with Relax Change Create starting today!


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