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21 Days to Fitness with Andrew Johnson on the Relax Change Create Meditation App

21 Days to Fitness

In this 21 day course, you will learn 7 distinct techniques to help rebuild motivation and positive habits and thoughts that will kick start your fitness journey.


Your bad habits established themselves over days, weeks and perhaps even months. Therefore repetition of the solution is key. Each technique is repeated three times so that you get used to the "template".


By the end of the 21 days, you will notice a boost in your motivation, exercise and fitness levels, and you will know which technique/s work best for you.


You can then revisit the individual techniques and really integrate them into your everyday life.


The real power of this course is allowing these techniques to become "part of you" and accessing them when you need them. They will allow you to empower yourself.


Suitable for everyone regardless of previous experience of meditation/mindfulness.


Listen at your own pace. Revisit any technique at any point.


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