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8 Essential Life Skills with Andrew Johnson on the Relax Change Create Meditation App

8 Essential Life Skills

27 daily audio tracks that teach the "art" of relaxation along with the basics of a variety of meditation techniques, including:


  • visualisation
  • meditation
  • mindfulness 
  • affirmations 
  • anchoring
  • diaphragmatic breathing 
  • the countdown technique


Suitable for all regardless of previous experience.



"You have a lovely natural way of creating relaxation Andrew. Thank you very much."


"That was magic. I came home from work feeling stressed and with a headache. After the deeper breathing and relaxation I have no headache and feel great. Thank you 🙏"


    You can sit or lie down.

    Using headphones is recommended.


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    • All 21 day and 30 day courses
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